7 RIGHT Things you Should KNOW before buying the RIGHT SHOES !!

An outfit cannot be complete until you find a perfect pair of shoes with it.  And shopping for the same can be real fun – as long as you know what you are looking for !

Below are the 7 RIGHT things you must know and consider when buying a pair of shoes :-



Yes, you read it right! There is a right and a wrong time to shop for your shoes. Your feet changes in size and shape depending on the time of the day. The right time to buy is in the evenings. According to the Research, our feet are more swollen in the evening than in the morning. Our morning feet are well rested and evening feet have been walking around the day. Hence, if you buy shoes in the evening, you can be sure that they will be comfortable the whole day.



A German Research suggests almost 70 % of the people buy shoes which do not fit properly. This is kind of strange, but it’s a fact. Whilst woman have the tendency to buy shoes which are too small, men are more likely to buy shoes which are too big. Please be aware of this impulse.



The shoe should conform to the shape of your feet. A new shoe  should fit your foot perfectly in terms of length and width. An important point to consider is that your toes need sufficient space – they move up to 0.5 cm due to the roll through movement when walking. And in the case of heels, they must be firmly supported.



Shoes should provide your feet with sufficient room in all three dimensions : Height, Width and Length. Regarding the width – Place any shoe you are considering next to your foot and compare the widest part of your foot to the widest part of the shoe. If they are the same size, buy them. If not, don’t buy them. You should also check the inside of the shoes for any seams that may be uncomfortable. Do not fall for the Classic lines “ they will adjust with time” or “ they will widen with time”.  A pair of shoes should fit perfectly straightway or you should not buy them.  



Our feet are almost never the same length and width. Right-handed people usually have a dominant right root, which is bigger of the two. And it is the opposite for left-handed people. That is why you should always try on both shoes and not just one.



When you have the size and the width right, you should turn your attention to the softness of the leather and most importantly towards a flexible shoe sole. Flexibility means the ability to bend. If you bend the shoe (i.e. bend the heel and the toe area towards each other) and the sole takes a V form, then the shoe has perfect flexibility



You should also check whether the shoe is made of synthetic material or leather. Research indicates that humans release 0.1cl ( i.e. a shot glass) of perspiration from their feet each day. It is therefore vital that the shoe is breathable and can absorb moisture. Leather is a natural product as no other material is as flexible as leather and can absorb moisture so conveniently. So, whenever possible go in for leather shoes.


At PARAMOUNT we ensure that the shoes are tested against Comfort, Durability, Breathability and Fitting so that the pair you purchase is always RIGHT for the RIGHT OCCASION !

Since 1964 PARAMOUNT is on a Mission to help companies accelerate their growth exponentially thru Quality Control.

Please write to us for any queries regarding this article or for any of your Quality control requirements. Our mail  address is enquiry@paramountinstruments.com.   We will be too happy to assist you.

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