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Button Snap Pull Tester i9 (Paramount)

button snap pull

Advanced Model Button Snap Pull Tester with All Stainless Steel Jaws

Sharp Edge Tester

Next Generation Digital Sharp Edge Tester as per Safety and CE norms

Sharp Point Tester

Accurate Sharp Point Tester as per Safety norms

Small Parts Cylinder

Advanced Small Parts Metal Cylinder to determine Choking Hazrad

Accessability Probe A

Precision Accesibilty Probe A which simulates the Finger of an Infant

Accessability Probe B

Precision Accesibilty Probe B which simulates the Finger of a Child

Torque Test Kit

Accurate Torque Tester for Checking the Torque Force of an article by Thumb, Forefinger or Teeth of a Child

Rattle Test Fixture

Accurate Test fixture to Check whether a Rattle can cause Choking or Suffocation in an Infant's Mouth

Small Ball Test Fixture

An Accurate Fixture to check whether a small ball or marble can cause a Choking or Suffocation Hazard

Flammability Tester i9 (45° Angle)

flamability 45

Next Generation 45 Degree Angle Flammability Tester with All Accessories

Flammability Tester i9 (Vertical, For Toys)

Vertical Flammability Tester for Toys and Vertically Oriented Objects

Flammability Tester i9 (Horizontal, Auto Industry)


Next Generation Flammability Tester for Automotive Industry

SpectraVISION i9 5L

Next Generation Colour Matching Booth with 5 Lights

DetectMASTER i9 (100 mm)

detectmaster i9 100

Next Generation Needle Detection Machine with Advanced Features

DetectMASTER i10 (300 mm)

detectmaster i10 300mm

Next Generation Needle Detection Machine with Advanced Features for Furnishing Industry

DetectMASTER i9 (Table top)

detectmaster tabletop i9

Table Top Needle Detection Machine for Socks & Undergarments

DetectMASTER i9 (Handy)

detectmaster handy

Accurate Handy Needle Detector with High Sensitivity for Exact Location of the Broken Needle Part

SwatchMASTER 400 i9 (Manual)


Sturdy 400 mm Swatch Cutting Machine for making Perfect Swatches with Italian Blade and Pad

Tensile Strength Tester
i9 Basic Model


Advanced Tensile Tester with Digital Tensile and Elongation and Variable Speed

Tensile Strength Tester i9 with Software


Next Generation Tensile Strength Tester with Software for Graphs and Reporting

Tensile Strength Tester i9 Complete Package with Software


Next Generation Tensile Strength Tester with Latest Laptop Loaded with Advanced Software, Colour Printer and Specially Designed Table

Tensile Strength Tester i10 Pneumatically Controlled with Advanced Software


Next Generation Tensile Strength Tester Complete Package Along with Pneumatically Controlled Jaws, Advanced Software, Noiseless Compressor and Footswitches

Lab Conditioning Chamber i10 (Touch Panel)


Next Generation Accurate Lab Conditioning Chamber with touch Panel



Powerful Handy Microscope with Twin LED and Measuring Scale



Innovative Handy Magnifier with LED and Scale