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A Warranty which no one in the World can offer – Experience Ultimate Peace of Mind while buying any Testing Equipment.

Every Paramount Equipment carries with it


The MOST Exclusive WARRANTY provided by PARAMOUNT on its each equipment.

Most companies provide a Warranty of 1-2 Years on their testing equipment, after which if anything happens to the Instrument then it becomes the headache of the Customer. But Paramount strives to give its customers ULTIMATE Peace of Mind, for which every Paramount Equipment comes with a Lifetime Buyback Warranty.

Once you buy a Paramount Equipment then it will serve you for Generations to come and we are not just writing this for the sake of writing. Our teams have Witnessed that Our Esteemed Customers have been using our Testing Instruments for the Past 25 Years without facing any Inconvenience. This is because of the Premium Components & Raw Materials that are used while making the Equipment in our Manufacturing Units. Our Unwavering Confidence in Our Equipment enables us to offer this Exclusive Warranty. We are considered the Pioneers and Leaders in the Industry for a reason.



This SpectraVISION™ was one of the first Color Matching Booths that was made by Paramount. It was sold to one of our customers 19 years ago. The customer had been using the cabinet conveniently for the last 19 years without facing any difficulties. They had been regularly getting their lights changed & servicing done by us. A few months ago, our engineer went to their plant for Calibration & Servicing. He offered a buyback to the customer for the cabinet. The customer was astonished that even after using the cabinet for the past 19 years, our service engineer had still offered them the option to buyback the old cabinet for the newest version. We bought the old cabinet back from the customer, gave him a good price for the old cabinet, which was deducted from the new cabinet, and the customer was really happy with Paramount.


This DigiWASH NX™ was sold to one of our customers 21 years ago. This model is so old that it was discontinued 15 years ago. One of our Service Engineers went to get the servicing done for this Washing Fastness Tester. Upon checking, the customer was offered Buyback for this Equipment. Without any hesitation, the customer agreed to go in for a buyback for this equipment in exchange for a value that would be deducted from the new equipment. The new equipment with the latest Technology was delivered to the customer after 2 weeks and he was really happy after he saw it. His words - “So much had changed and so many new Features & Functionalities had been added”.


This 20 year old Hot Air Oven Nx™ came to our plant for Complete Servicing. It came to our plant in such a good condition that no one could believe it that it was sold 20 years ago to one of our customers. The customer was fully satisfied with the performance of the equipment and just wanted to get the servicing done. Our Senior Service Manager called up the customer to ask him, how the equipment was in such a good condition even after 20 years of use. An option was given to our customer to replace the Hot Air Oven Nx™ for Hot Air Oven i9™. After Listening to the new features that were added in it, He happily agreed upon it. The Hot Air Oven i9™ was sent to him after 3 weeks and the customer was elated upon its arrival.


Hundreds of Thousands of Testing Instruments Sold and many more to go...

Money Back

Either you can give us the equipment and take your money back. We will provide you the Money after deducting the Depreciation which is 18% per annum.

Equipment Upgrade

Or you can even Upgrade your Equipment to the Latest One, if possible. We will take the amount to upgrade your equipment to the Highest Version.

Replace Old Testing Equipment for Latest Equipment

You can also Replace your Older equipment with the NEW one. We will be happy to give you the Latest Equipment and take back your Older Equipment.

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